Financial Aid Info

Dear Returning Student:

This email contains important information on reapplying for financial aid for the 2010/11 academic year. Detailed thumbnailCAI1BMYBinstructions are now available, please sign onto your E-Portfolio (EP) and log into SIMON for individual application procedure.

It is very important to meet the May 15th deadline.  This will ensure that you receive your eligibility determination before the fall billing and prevent you from being assessed a reduction in grant aid (if applicable). Failure to meet the May 15th deadline will result in a $1,000 scholarship penalty, and a $2,000 penalty if after July 15th.  The loss of scholarship will be replaced with available loan funding.  The recommended date to have all documents in process is April 24th.  Wesleyan reserves the right not to award any institutional funds if an application is completed after August 1, 2010. Our office is here to help you in any way we can; feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Sincerely, Jamie Seadeek, Department Assistant



•           It is your responsibility to reapply for aid each year. Visit our website at for important updates and application information.

•           On-line access to your financial aid information via SIMON: use your Wes ID and 8-digit date of birth to log in.

•           To avoid important correspondence being considered “junk mail”, please be sure to approve in your email account(s).

•           You must make satisfactory progress towards your degree as outlined in the Wesleyan University Student Handbook.  Failure to make satisfactory progress may result in ineligibility for financial assistance.

•           Note, if you receive a revised award anytime during the year, you will be directed by email to view the changes on SIMON, an updated paper award letter will not be generated- Go Green!