Relax Efficiently! Time & Stress Management Workshop

thumbnailCAADVN9SStressed out? Feeling overwhelmed? Come to a Time & Stress Management workshop! This workshop, co-run by the Peer Health Advocates and Peer Advisors, will give you helpful time and stress management techniques, tailored to the busy college lifestyle. You’ll come away from the workshop feeling relaxed and ready to take on all you have to do… as well as having received a massage. 

Note: Please bring a towel or yoga mat to the workshop so you don’t have to lie on the floor during your massage. 

Date:   Sunday, October 11 and Sunday, October 18                Location:   Woodhead Lounge

Time:   7:15 p.m.                  Contact Person:   Alyssa Bogdanow ’11

Peace Education Talk — Thursday


Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm Benda

Founder and Director, Center for Peace Education, Monrovia, Liberia

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Born and raised in Liberia, Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm Benda fled the country during the height of the civil war and lived as a refugee in several West African nations, before getting the opportunity to pursue his education in the United States. After ten years in the United States, he has returned to Liberia to help in the post-conflict reconstruction efforts through a wide-ranging peace education program, specifically designed for young people affected by the civil war.

PEACE EDUCATION:  A Vital Ingredient Towards Lasting Peace for Liberia

Mr. Vonhm Benda will talk about the development of a peace education curriculum for grade schools in Liberia.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

6:30 p.m.       PAC 002

Sponsored by the African Studies Cluster and the History Department

Public Safety Education & Collaboration

Campus life brings a sense of independence for most students.  This includes class schedules, social events, residential  life, student clubs and organizations, and jobs.  Amid these many changes, however, students sometimes forget about personal safety.  Campuses appear protected because students are surrounded by their peers and relatively insulated from the surrounding community.  It is extremely important, however, to remain aware of your surroundings. 

thumbnailCAYZIHMSCampus safety is most successful when there is collaboration within the community among faculty, staff, administration, students, parents and community groups.  Knowledge about campus crime and safety empowers how you prevent or react to them.  In this ever changing and challenging world, it is important that we educate ourselves about safety on campus. 

The Office of Public Safety has been working with other departments to bring programs to the residence halls. There is a strong relationship with the Office of Residential Life.  In collaboration with WesWell , we have held Intoxication Panels to educate students about alcohol issues on campus.  We are currently working with the Deans’ Office on some alternative programming (look for further information on our upcoming “3 on 3” basketball tournament).  Stop by our table any Tuesday evening at Usdan between 6 and 8 p.m. for updates on current issues on campus.  We are aiming to raise awareness about crime on campus by providing you with essential information about crime response and prevention.

Lt. Paul Verrillo, Wesleyan Public Safety

Sunday: Reading and Exam Prep Workshops

thumbnailCA2T6RSBGet more from your reading and start prepping for mid-terms!

Two academic skills workshops open to all class years will be offered this Sunday, October 4 from 8-9 p.m.—Exam Preparation in Usdan 110 and Reading Retention in Usdan 136. 

For more information about the schedule and peer advisor drop-in hours, see .

Check it out and get your A+ on!

Over-Night Host for Admission

The Office of Admission has a special request……

The Admission Office is looking for freshman or sophomore students willing to host a prospective student through our Over-Night Hosting Program.  Would you please host a prefrosh for an evening this semester?

Here is how it works:

The visiting student arrives at the Admission Office at 4:15pm. (Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. nights)

  1. The hosting student meets the student at Admissions and takes them to their residence to drop off sleeping bag, imagesetc. Then the host takes their guest to Dinner at the Usdan University Center. Each visiting student is given a dinner meal ticket by the program. Please note if you have a commitment at 4:15pm, you may have a friend pick up your guest and keep them company until you are free.
  2. The host takes them to their evening class if necessary, to a lecture or event, or simply shows them around. It is up to the host and visitor.
  3. In the morning, the host and visitor may go to breakfast together or on their own.  The visitor then attends classes, events, or interviews. 

It is that easy!   We are only asking for 1 or 2 times a semester!

Please email our Over-Night Hosting Coordinator:  JoAnna Bourain at

Thank you for your assistance.