The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development (S.A.L.D.) is a great asset to all students on campus. It is our belief that learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom and it is our job to enhance the out of the classroom experience. The office works with the student body on event planning, which includes conferences, workshops, speakers, bands, parties and a number of other student-led initiatives on campus. In addition to helping students with their event planning from start to finish, the office also supervises three interns:  the queer student intern, the student of color coalition intern and the leadership intern. Each of these interns is in place to provide students with opportunities to have their voices heard, be trained on various topics specific to the intern’s title, and create change across our campus community.  The office has many services to provide not only to student groups, but also to individual students and is a great resource for all students to familiarize themselves with.  Check us out at www.wesleyan.edu/stuact .


Elisa Del Valle

Assistant Director

Student Activities and Leadership